Satori Hemodialyzer & Consumables


Welcome to Satori Dialyzer, a leading medical products provider specializing in hemodialyzers and consumables. Our extensive range of products includes dialyzer filters, dialyzer machines, hemodialysis blood tubing sets, arterial venous fistula sets, pretorial dialyzer sets, blood transfusion sets, and more. With a focus on quality and innovation, we strive to improve patient outcomes and enhance the dialysis experience. Explore our products today and discover the Satori difference.

Satori Dialyzer

The Satori filter is an incredibly durable product that can be used repeatedly to effectively remove excess waste and fluid from the blood, particularly in cases where the patient's kidneys are unable to perform this essential function. This remarkable filter is made from a unique thin and fibrous material, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness. With its longevity and specialized composition, this filter offers a cost-effective and sustainable option for those in need of regular blood filtration. It's remarkable ability to efficiently eliminate impurities from the blood for optimal health benefits for patients.

Blood Tubing Set

The Satori Blood Transfusion Set is an exceptional and top-notch product designed specifically for the flawless and controlled transfusion of blood through the intravascular route. With its superior quality and precision, this set guarantees a seamless and efficient blood transfusion process. The gravity-controlled mechanism ensures accurate and controlled flow of blood, minimizing the risk of complications or errors during the procedure. The Satori blood transfusion set is trusted by medical professionals for its reliability and effectiveness in delivering lifesaving blood transfusions.